Inspired by the clean lines and functional beauty of Scandinavian design, SmolBlock was born. Our collective of educators, artists, and parents is driven by the philosophy of simplicity and minimalism. Each toy we create is a nod to this inspiration, designed to be both delightful and straightforward, encouraging creative play in its purest form. At SmolBlock, we celebrate the joy of simple, thoughtful design in every piece we craft.

The Maker - Aaron

The visionary behind Smol Block Aaron D’Costa is a creative entrepreneur passionate about crafting sustainable, child safe toys. Inspired by his mom telling him stories about animals as a kid Aaron sort to inculcate those memories into wooden toys along with a growing sense of sustainability and safety among parents. His commitment to using sustainable and natural materials along with ensuring that his production process is very sustainable to the environment. Aaron vision is an amalgamation of his memories as a kid along with a growing need for sustainable and safe toys. Aaron finds the same joy he felt as a kid and channels that through smol block ensuring every smol one experiences the same joy he once felt as a kid.

The Artist - Aja

Aja an imaginative and skilled artist with a passion for creativity stories that bring joy to smol ones. Aja specialises in creating charming product sketches that inspire your young ones to a world of fun and adventure. Her artistic style blend’s playful charm and keen eye for how the product feels ensuring designs that are both engaging and aesthetically pleasing. She draws inspiration from nature and her memories which help her channel those same emotions into her design. Her artistic vision and a soft side for childhood nostalgia reflect in her designs that inspire your smol ones.

The Marketeer - Aaron

Aaron a seasoned investor has helped numerous projects blossom. Aaron leverages his market expertise to help businesses reach their highest potential. His profound understanding of market dynamics helps him position Smol Block to all the right audience at the right time. With a keen eye of technology and innovation and roots build on tradition Aaron understands the challenges that the industry prosesses and provides sustainable solutions to them . His strategic approach along with Aaron D’Costa vision have been instrumental in Smol Block growth and success.

The Toy Testers - Kids

At Smol Block, our smallest adventurers, the kids, are our most important 'Toy Testers'. They're the first to experience our toys, bringing them to life with their vibrant imagination. We closely observe these young experts as they explore and play, their reactions and stories guiding us in crafting fun and engaging toys. Their honest feedback and creative narratives are not just delightful; they inspire us to create toys that spark endless creativity and storytelling. Each Smol Block toy is a companion in their imaginative journeys, designed to grow with them and be part of their playful adventures.