We are a team of educators, makers, artists and parents who have come together with the aim of creating thoughtfully designed, meaningful products that embody the philosophy:

Less, but better.


Minimalistic designed, maximally adorable animal forms that are easy to recognize, have clean distinct silhouettes and fit within their own quirky family, inspiring vibrant story telling opportunities


An interlocking slot design for lateral stacking, smooth rounded edges for ergonomic grasping and a challenging mix of straight as well as curved surfaces make learning through play an absolute joy


High quality sustainable materials, finished with a natural food safe oil give them an heirloom quality that can endure years of play and still be passed on to the next generation

We've listened to you and considered it all :)

Montessori + Waldorf based learning

Creatively designed to fit into the best of both worlds, making them ready to plug into any school of thought

Neat and organized storage

Puzzle boards double up as an easy storage solution that kids enjoy putting away once they're done with play

Natural materials and finish

Warm earthy tones and textures that keep kids grounded in nature and parents free from worry

Ethical production and labour

We train and develop our artisans from scratch whilst providing them a safe and healthy work environment

Eco-friendly packaging

We use only paper and cardboard, ensuring that everything is 100% recycleable or you could even reuse our boxes to store other little things

Build quality & safety

Well crafted with utmost care during every step of our process, to make sure your child has a fun and safe playing experience

Highest Safety Standards

Our toys are tested to the highest standards and are made from natural non-toxic materials for a worry-free play experience.

Building Blocks

Stacker + Puzzle Sets

Baby Teethers

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