How wooden stacking animals can help your child build key skills

How wooden stacking animals can help your child build key skills

Made responsibly and designed intentionally, our wooden toys are good for everyone: children and their development, parents and their stress levels, the environment and your carbon footprint.

Children develop and pick up skills over their first few years, in distinct phases. Initially, they learn through the senses- touch, movement, sight, smell, and hearing. Their behavior depends on what their body likes and dislikes. Over time they become more intentional, asking for what they want, crying about it, throwing tantrums, and sulking. Eventually, they get better at identifying, asking, and who they become has to do with how they spend their day. It is during these early years that skill development is of utmost importance. 

With minimalism at the core of the design, Smol Block toys are about only what is necessary, thereby enabling the child to use their imagination. The toys are open-ended and do not have a fixed use- what is it with scripted narratives and expectations in play anyway? They need to explore and have fun! With no extra lights and sounds, the toys evoke a sense of calm during play, encouraging children to focus and bond better with playmates if any. The puzzle interface allows them to place recognizable animal shapes in their spot, thereby promoting shape recognition, while also giving them a sense of achievement. The stacking and interlocking features help children develop patience and determination while improving hand-eye coordination, and you will see sheer joy on their faces as they understand the key to stacking them right after repeated attempts. Problem solving, creative and abstract thinking, analysing shapes, dexterity, pattern recognition, storytelling- are some of the skills these toys will help develop.

Parents, we know, will love and appreciate our toys, since their kids will enjoy a better quality of play, which in turn will keep them occupied for longer. The toys, being Montessori-inspired, are precisely crafted and safe for toddlers, rounded and with smooth edges. Every piece produced by us is sturdy and of high quality, ensuring that your child is not exposed to substandard material. The materials used are natural and green, and thus toxin-free. With our puzzle boards doubling up as a storage solution, children will even enjoy putting their toys away. And what better source of happiness is there for parents than a neat and organized home. We've also seen teenagers and adults enjoy our toys- it's quite the stressbuster we're told. These pieces, being unique and authentic, will soon become a family favorite.

When we started out, we knew we wanted to be environmentally conscious and find ways to reduce our impact on the planet. In no way did we want to contribute to the landfills, and with wooden toys in your home, you can always pass them on from one generation to the next instead of tossing them in the bin. The usage of locally sourced materials takes care of that carbon footprint everyone's been talking about. In using only paper and cardboard, all our boxes can be repurposed as storage containers. And when the longevity of anything is assured, it is bound to be in use for a longer time. This takes care of the ‘room full of toys but nothing to play with’ conundrum, doesn’t it?!

Less, but better; it’s what we’ve hoped to do. Here’s to toy minimalism, and making the world better for our future generations, one smolblock at a time. Welcome your child to a life where their curiosity is heard, and where they feel fulfilled through learning.

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