How we produce our natural wooden toys sustainably

How we produce our natural wooden toys sustainably

Ethical and conscientious production of heirloom wooden toys for children forms the basis of our work at Smol Block. And that is why we choose the environment and our community to focus on throughout our endeavor.

With a key interest in all things sustainable, our products use natural materials throughout their life cycle. The toys by themselves are built to last a long time, ensuring that you reduce waste and your carbon footprint. They are also free from toxins, artificial colors, plastic, and paints, making them safe for your kids to use daily. 

With our focus on safety and the environment, we also wanted to contribute to the community through skill development, especially for the underprivileged. With each piece being uniquely handcrafted, we understand the level of expertise needed to ensure your family receives the best. Developing a local workforce brings in economic growth by enhancing their employability. 

Meet Malaki, our newest set of hands. With a hearing disability, he’s been in and out of jobs in factories and other forms of manual labor. We knew he would be a great fit for us when we realized he had a keen interest to learn and was looking for support. Today, Malaki is happy and is getting better at his trade by the day. Working with wood- he’s totally nailed it!

Whether he decides to continue working with us or not, we are equipping him with skills that will help him wherever he goes. Like Malaki, we hope to train and develop people who are looking to learn and thereby also make a living. Ensuring they have industry-specific skills and feel supported and valued is one of our priorities here at Smol Block.

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