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Wild Animal Stack Mini+ (Set of 6 Stackers + 1 Puzzle Board)

Wild Animal Stack Mini+ (Set of 6 Stackers + 1 Puzzle Board)

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Embark on a safari of imagination with our Wild Animal Stack Mini+! An ensemble of the wild's most iconic residents, this set marries the magic of stacking with the allure of puzzles, calling on adventurers of all ages to create, explore, and tell tales of the untamed wilderness.

Crafted with precision from 100% natural materials, this collection invites you to stack the majestic gorilla atop the sturdy elephant or piece together the landscape of the savannah, all while cherishing the essence of Earth's magnificent creatures.

Note: With the Wild Animal Stack Mini+, you'll notice the wood's organic intricacies, from subtle shade shifts to mesmerizing grain patterns. These aren't blemishes, but nature's own artistry, enhancing each piece's distinctiveness. Let these nuances transport you to the heart of the wild, where every story is unique, and every creature has a tale to tell.


We use eco-friendly cardboard boxes for all our products.

Care Instructions

To clean, simply wipe the toys with a soft, slightly damp cloth when necessary. Avoid soaking them in water and don’t use harsh soaps or chemicals.

For maximum longevity, store in a cool, dry place.

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