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Farm Animal Stack Mini+ (Set of 6 Stackers + 1 Puzzle Board)

Farm Animal Stack Mini+ (Set of 6 Stackers + 1 Puzzle Board)

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Delve into the heart of rural life with the Farm Animal Stack Mini+! This exquisite set merges the joys of stacking with the charm of puzzles, painting a picturesque tableau of farmstead adventures. From the crow of the rooster to the gentle hum of the countryside, it's an invitation to create, narrate, and celebrate life on the farm.

Composed of 100% natural materials, this collection beckons budding farmers and seasoned storytellers alike to stack the plump pig upon the woolly sheep or piece together a vibrant barnyard scene on the accompanying puzzle board.

Note: As you explore the Farm Animal Stack Mini+, you might encounter the wood's beautiful idiosyncrasies – from diverse shades to intriguing grain patterns. These are nature's imprints, a testament to authenticity and charm. Cherish them, for they breathe life into every piece, echoing tales from sunlit pastures and twilight barn dances.

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Cardboard box of size 25x20x3.5cm made to be reusable and recyclable.

Care Instructions

Gently wipe clean with a soft lint-free cloth, slightly damped with warm mild-soapy water.

Store in a clean, dry area away from direct siunlight.

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