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Rollo Blocks+

Rollo Blocks+

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Experience the magic of the Rollo Blocks Set, where traditional building blocks take on a whole new dimension of play. This set includes eight uniquely shaped Rollo Blocks and a specially designed Puzzle Board, combining the joy of construction with a dash of modern creativity.

✅ **Ingenious Design:** The Rollo Blocks Set challenges your spatial skills as you navigate the rolling shapes on the Puzzle Board. It's a puzzle and a building challenge rolled into one!

✅ **Boost Cognitive Abilities:** Engage in problem-solving like never before as you figure out how to fit the rolling blocks into their designated spaces, promoting critical thinking and creativity.

✅ **Sensory Delight:** Enjoy the satisfying tactile experience of smooth wooden blocks fitting snugly into the board, stimulating your sense of touch while you play and learn.

✅ **Limitless Exploration:** Beyond puzzles, the Puzzle Board serves as a canvas for freeform building, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Crafted from sustainable, high-quality wood, the Rollo Blocks Set is not just about fun; it's about learning through play. This set encourages fine motor skill development, spatial reasoning, and imaginative construction, making it suitable for a wide age range.

Pair the Rollo Blocks Set with the Puzzle Board for a dynamic playtime experience that combines the thrill of puzzling with the joy of building. It's a world where simple play evolves into a journey of exploration and discovery, fostering a love for learning through play.

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Cardboard box of size 25x20x3.5cm made to be reusable and recyclable.

Care Instructions

Gently wipe clean with a soft lint-free cloth, slightly damped with warm mild-soapy water.

Store in a clean, dry area away from direct siunlight.

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