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Smol Block

Puzzle Boards (set of 3)

Puzzle Boards (set of 3)

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Introducing our Puzzle Board Add-On: the perfect companion to elevate your child's Smolblock stackers into a world of discovery and problem-solving! These beautifully crafted beech wood puzzle boards are more than just a toy; they're a gateway to learning and fun.

Seamless Smolblock Integration Each board is designed to fit your existing Smolblock stackers, transforming them into a puzzle set that promises hours of educational play.

Nurturing Minds, One Piece at a Time With animal shapes ranging from the majestic elephant to the playful dolphin, little learners will refine their shape recognition and motor skills while exploring the animal kingdom.

Eco-Conscious Craftsmanship Made from sustainably sourced wood and finished with food-safe oil, these puzzle boards are a testament to our commitment to the environment and your child's safety.

Compact Design, Limitless Fun The sleek, space-saving design ensures that these puzzle boards fit seamlessly into any play area, offering a robust and engaging playtime experience without the clutter.

Gift of Learning Ideal as a gift, this add-on set not only completes your Smolblock collection but also opens up new avenues for cognitive development.

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