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Baby Animal Teethers Set of 6

Baby Animal Teethers Set of 6

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As your precious little one navigates the teething phase, our Baby Animal Teethers offer a delightful and safe way to soothe their tender gums. Featuring charming shapes of a Bison, Hippopotamus, Elephant, Bear, Tortoise, and Donkey, these teethers are designed not just for relief, but also for discovery and joy.

✅ Soothing Comfort: Each animal teether is crafted to provide gentle comfort to your baby's gums, easing the discomfort of teething with its perfect texture.

✅ Sensory Development: The varied shapes of these animal friends stimulate tactile exploration, enhancing your baby's sensory development.

✅ Adorable and Engaging: With a delightful range of animals, these teethers double as tiny toys, keeping your baby engaged and entertained.

✅ Safe and Natural: Made with 100% natural & non-toxic materials, our teethers are completely baby-safe, ensuring peace of mind for you and a safe chewing experience for your baby.

Designed in a minimalist Scandinavian style, these teethers are a beautiful addition to any nursery, aligning perfectly with Montessori and Waldorf philosophies. Their aesthetic charm and ergonomic design make them suitable for tiny hands, offering a natural and wholesome teething solution.

Each teether in this set of six has been lovingly made with 💛 in Goa, crafted to embrace the unique beauty of natural materials. You may notice delightful variations in color tones and grain structures - these are not flaws but the signatures of nature, making each teether uniquely yours.

Note: The color and charm of our Baby Animal Teethers come from their natural wooden texture, and we believe these unique characteristics should be celebrated as part of their appeal. 

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Prepare for a journey through nature's wonders with our Baby Animal Teethers, where each soothing chew leads to a smile!

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