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Baby Dino Teethers Set of 6

Baby Dino Teethers Set of 6

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Our Baby Dino Teethers bring a touch of prehistoric fun to your baby's teething journey. Featuring beloved dinosaurs like the mighty Tyrannosaurus, gentle Brontosaurus, noble Triceratops, armored Ankylosaurus, unique Parasaurolophus, and iconic Stegosaurus, these teethers are designed for both comfort and discovery during the teething process.

✅ Jurassic Relief: Each dinosaur teether offers a distinct texture and shape, ideal for soothing sore gums and introducing your baby to these intriguing ancient creatures.

✅ Sensory Exploration: The varied designs of the dino teethers stimulate tactile and visual senses, encouraging sensory development in a playful manner.

✅ Eco-Friendly and Safe: Made from 100% natural, non-toxic materials, our dino teethers ensure a safe teething experience for your little one's exploratory bites.

✅ Engaging and Educational: These teethers double as fascinating toys, sparking curiosity about the prehistoric world and serving as an early educational tool.

Adopting a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, our Baby Dino Teethers are a stylish addition to any modern nursery and resonate with the principles of Montessori and Waldorf educational methods. Their ergonomic design is tailored for tiny hands, making them easy to hold and explore.

Crafted with love and care in Goa, each teether showcases the natural beauty of wood, with unique color tones and grain patterns that add character to each piece.

Note: Natural variations in wood mean each teether has its own distinct features. These charming differences are part of the product's natural appeal and should be cherished as unique qualities. 

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With our Baby Dino Teethers, your child's teething experience becomes a journey of comfort and prehistoric discovery, turning those challenging moments into times of learning and fun!


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