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Baby Dino Teethers

Baby Dino Teethers

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Choose from our collection featuring the mighty Tyrannosaurus, gentle Brontosaurus, noble Triceratops, armored Ankylosaurus, unique Parasaurolophus, or iconic Stegosaurus. Each teether offers a unique way to soothe your baby’s gums while introducing them to the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

✅ Custom Comfort: Select the perfect prehistoric pal for your baby. Each dinosaur provides a distinct texture and shape, catering to different teething phases and preferences.

✅ Sensory Development: These teethers not only provide relief but also stimulate your baby’s sensory skills. Their intriguing designs and textures make for excellent tactile and visual exploration.

✅ Eco-Friendly and Safe: We prioritize your baby's safety. Our teethers are made from 100% natural, non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly teething experience.

✅ Educational and Fun: More than just teethers, these dinosaurs spark early interest in science and history, making them both an amusing and educational choice.

Designed in a clean, Scandinavian style, our Baby Dino Teethers are a beautiful addition to any nursery, aligning with Montessori and Waldorf educational philosophies. Their ergonomic shape is just right for tiny hands to hold and chew on.

Crafted with care and love in Goa, each teether features the unique beauty of natural wood, with special color tones and grain patterns that make every piece one-of-a-kind.

Note: The natural wooden texture of our teethers means each has its own unique characteristics, adding to their charm and individuality. 

Shipping: Please note that shipping costs for individual teethers will be calculated based on your location during checkout.

Choose your favorite Baby Dino Teether for a blend of soothing comfort, playful learning, and a dash of prehistoric excitement in your baby's daily routine!


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