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Smol Block

Forest Build: Wooden Stacking Blocks (Set of 18)

Forest Build: Wooden Stacking Blocks (Set of 18)

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A set of wooden building blocks with an interlocking design that opens up possibilities in more dimensions. From trees to bridges, people to buildings, the sky's the limit to what can be built with these blocks. Well rounded edges and semi-smooth finished surfaces give these blocks a warm, organic and tactile feel. What’s even better, is that they share the same notch design as the animals and dinosaurs in our collection, making for a very functional addition to the child’s collection!

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Cardboard box of size 25x20x3.5cm made to be reusable and recyclable.

Care Instructions

Gently wipe clean with a soft lint-free cloth, slightly damped with warm mild-soapy water.

Store in a clean, dry area away from direct siunlight.

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